Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Revisiting The X Files: S05 E03

S05E03: Unusual Suspects

The necessity of another episode without the main protagonists (who were away filming 'The X Files Movie') brought an episode on The Lone Gunmen, and a tale of their origins and how they ended up being tied in with Mulder. In many ways you either love or hate these guys and their place in the X Files universe. That won't change with this episode, nor will the fact that another would-be whistle-blower in Susanne Modeski ends up being dragged away at the end of the episode. Or that Fox gets drugged up and believes aliens are going to take him away. What annoyed me the most about this episode was how the three of them went from being so "innocent" to suddenly such believers within 24 hours. And that they then had to try and convince Fox of the "conspiracy". Well, you have to start somewhere I guess...  3.5/5

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