Friday, November 21, 2003

The Numbers Are Done!

I really can't believe it, even now. The Kiama Cricket Club First Grade numbers are finalised!

Rocket, Xavier and I met at Kiama Library this morning at 9.15am, and at opening time at 9.30am, we began this onerous and time consuming task.
Heading for the microfische, we began sifting through each copy of the Kiama Independent, year by year, in search of every person to play cricket for Kiama First Grade since the introduction of the South Coast District Cricket Association in 1946.

Yep - you are right. We are lunatics.

There was no break. No TIME for a break. I sat in front of that goddamn thing, pages flashing across in front of my eyes, for hours and hours, reading out each new name that came up.
The library was to close at 5.00pm. After Xavier used some crap excuse to get away at 3.00pm, Daniel and I raced the clock - and won. We finished at three minutes past five o'clock. Every last player written down and numeralised.

(...and if we've missed someone, then too bloody BAD!!)

And so, after years of torment, I now know that my number is 229. The 229th cricketer to play for Kiama First Grade.

I'm not sure it was worth it...

The monthly Genral Meeting of the cricket club followed at 7pm - but as usual, four thousand people were unable to attend, and so it was again a complete waste of time.
The beer and scotch, however, was not a waste of time. It was incredibly necessary.

The weather is dingy. We may well be washed out tomorrow. That rain dance has finally worked!!