Thursday, August 21, 2003

A Workweek Has Endeth

It was an 8am wake up call from the little girl this morning - which worked out OK, because it meant I had a full day to stuff around with, and allowed Helen to get a bit more sleep. Still, guess I'll regret it at a later date...

Finished setup of programs on new computer this morning, and also finished the short Cricket Club history I've done for the website. Master Daniel must be pleased! He's only been bugging me for it for two months!

Work wasn't too bad this evening. A long first week back at work has gone surprisingly smoothly. I realise this can't last - but it was nice for a change, what with trying to organise sleep patterns and such.

Monday, August 18, 2003

Work Cruddy Work

I must admit - I wasn't looking forward to returning to the land of work. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't that gut-wrenching feeling when you know it's time to change jobs because you hate the thought of going back soooooo much - it was really just that I didn't want to be away from the little girl!
Still - I even set the alarm for 6.20am instead of the usual 7.00am, just so I could get up and relax at breakfast rather than bolt it down. I think I'll keep it that way, as I felt good on arrival at BP Albion Park.

The day itself ran smoothly, if busily. 15 grand for the day kept me going without much of a chance to think about too much.

Spent a relaxed eveing in front of the TV watching the usual Monday shows.
Jessica is still going great guns. She's eating well and still settling OK. Surely this bubble must burst soon!