Sunday, October 29, 2017

Jessibill: Death By Multimedia. Episode 1.

This week on Episode 1:

There’s Something on the TV! – Jess gives us a rundown on the Netflix series "Between", which she binged in one day, while Bill reveals the downside on Season 2 of Riverdale.

Crap Movies Bill is Forcing Jess to Watch! – 'Tis the season, and so this week Jess is watching the 1978 classic "Halloween" With Donald Pleasance and Jamie Lee Curtis. "The evil is gone from here!!"

Album Review Switcheroo! – Jess has Bill reviewing Panic! At the Disco's 2013 album "Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die", while Bill has Jess taking in Trivium's 2013 scorcher "Vengeance Falls"

Crap That Jess Has Been Watching On YouTube! – Jess has been moving into the YouTube series "Guilty Party" for awhile now, and she's now gotten to the end. Don't know what she's on about? Well, she fills you in here!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

APCC Under 11 Golds: Round 3 vs Shellharbour White

Round 3 for the Albion Park Cricket Club Under 11 Gold team was an away trip to Pioneer Park to play the Shellharbour White team, and despite another loss there was a lot of terrific and exciting things to happen for the side.

Captain Kane Rex won the toss, elected to bat and also decided to elevate himself to the opening position – no need for a coaches input. The team batted their 20 overs for a score of 5/78, three less wickets than last week, a good improvement. Kane scored five runs in a good partnership with Blake Ison who scored 18 runs. Josh Peters continued his good form from last week to post 15 runs, and played what his coach though was the shot of the day – a forward defensive stroke to a ball on the stumps. Perhaps he’s learning.

The best partnership of the day came from Max Sciberras and Bohdie Rodda, who not only ran well together but played some lovely strokes. Max’s back foot cover drive was an absolute delight in his total of 4, and Bohdie doubled his highest ever score from just last week, scoring 2. Lucas Brown was unfortunate in that he hit several shots right out of the middle and along the ground, but straight to fieldsmen. His 2 deserved a lot more. At the tail Charlotte Rodda also looked solid and was not afraid to get behind the ball, and also played a couple of nice straight drives. It is good to see the improvement in these kids each week, especially in their calling and running between the wickets. No mix ups today, and lots of good fast singles.

Against a strong Shellharbour White batting line up, who scored 4/114, the Albion Park Gold kids never gave in, and did some marvellous things. Kane Rex managed to get a wicket where the batsman had edged the ball above his head, yet as the pair were completing the run the ball had bounced and spun back onto the wickets for the batsman to be dismissed bowled. Not many people have seen that before, and I’m dubious they will see it again soon. Lucas Brown pulled off a stunning caught and bowled, the catch being taken with the ball already past him and over his head, and taking it one handed. A beauty.

The fielding was superb, and almost makes you believe that training actually works. But it only works if the kids buy into it and make it their mantra, and these seven have done that magnificently. Each time the ball was hit they chased after it hard, the keeper ran to the stumps, the bowler ran to their wickets, and the fielders backed. Today there was no overthrows, there was two almost-direct-hit throws by Kane and Max that would have been out, and two excellent run outs in the same over, the first one from Kane to Bohdie and the second from Blake to Josh. The ground fielding today was a treat to watch. Three tough catches were grassed, two off Josh’s leg spin bowling, but it was also impressive to see the bowlers beginning to get edges to balls, Kane, Blake and Max especially.

With penalties added the final score was Shellharbour White 134 to Albion Park Gold 94, but the game didn’t feel that far apart. Catching practice and eliminating so many no balls are still the aims for next week. Once again the parents support on the sidelines was loud and positive, and hopefully we can reward them win a win soon.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

APCC Under 11 Golds: Round 2 vs Gerringong Green

Round Two for the Albion Park Cricket Club Under 11 Golds took place at the picaresque Kevin Irvine Oval in Jamberoo, and home game for the team that seems to have a worldwide plethora of home grounds. Up against the Gerringong Green team that had won their first-round match comfortably, it was important for the Golds to continue to improve in order to compete. Today’s skipper Blake Ison tossed the coin and Gerringong called correctly and elected to bat first.

It was immediately obvious that the team’s bowling was a better standard than the first round. Both Charlotte Rodda and Bodhie Rodda were excellent today, getting most of their deliveries straight down the wicket, giving the batsmen the ability to have to play shots against them. Charlotte especially bowled three or four good deliveries that caused some problems. Well done! Max Sciberras bowled four excellent overs today, including his first maiden over, and though he didn’t manage to snare a wicket he showed much better poise in the popping crease. Blake Ison is beginning to realise what it takes to get wicket, that is it line and length and not necessarily speed that is the key. He took two wickets in his second over today by doing precisely that, with full straight deliveries that beat the batsmen and crashed into their stumps. Great stuff. He also took the wicket-keeping gloves for the second half of the innings and make some good stops, and almost always was watching when the bowler bowled the ball. Almost. Kane Rex kept for the first ten overs and did well, getting a couple of balls that bounced deviously through him. He bowled well again, and also picked up a wicket through full straight bowling. Josh Peters again raised some questions from the batsmen about his pace, but he is yet to realise that you can’t bowl batsmen out if you bowl a great line a foot outside off stump.

The superstar with the ball today was Lucas Brown, who bowled perhaps the best spell of bowling from a player in this team from the last two seasons. He bowled four overs, including two maidens, and finished with 1/5 – but also did not bowl a single wide or no ball. The batsmen had to play at every delivery, and he certainly deserved more wickets for his efforts. In one over he bowled the perfect leg cutter that left the batsman prodding at fresh air, and flowed it up with the perfect off cutter that crashed into the batsman’s pads, and received a silent appeal for LBW from the standing umpire. Great stuff from Lucas, it truly was a terrific spell of bowling.

Gerringong Green finished with 4/72 from their 20 overs, and now the Park team had to find enough runs to pass them. The innings was given a great platform to build on by Charlotte and Bodhie Rodda who opened up the innings. Charlotte batted through her innings without being dismissed, a great effort, and while Bodhie was dismissed once, he did score his first run in organised cricket, which got a great cheer from the crowd.

The middle order had some work to do but made a great fist of it. Blake Ison strode tot the crease and tried to play immediately as he had finished last week, and as a result was trying to hit the ball too hard. Once he realised his error he played some very nice strokes once again, again penetrating the field and finishing with 16 runs. Kane Rex also started out trying too hard to hit the ball hard, but also played well once he readjusted. His innings total came from one stroke, but it was a lovely drive that brought it up, and he is improving quickly. Josh Peters played perhaps his best innings, choosing the right ball to punch through the field and which to defend stolidly. He also called and ran well between wickets, and his 15 runs without being dismissed better showed his promise. Lucas Brown joined in the fun, running well and playing the ball nicely into gaps for singles in his innings of 9. There were a couple of… let’s say… mix ups… in the running between Lucas and Max, but on each occasion, they both survived. Somehow. Max played one terrific late drive for four to third man which went with power, and his innings of 8 runs was another good step forward for him.

With three overs to go the scores had tightened up. A couple of late wickets proved the difference, and Park’s final score of 8/69 from their 20 overs actually lines up well with the Gerringong score. With penalty runs added for wickets for both teams, Gerringong ran out winners 104 to 85.

The team all improved today from last week, which was most pleasing. Their fielding was very much improved, and the excellent pick-ups, throws and backing up showed that you can put good training into play in the weekend games if the kids want to do it.

Practice this week will focus on straight bowling. Cutting down the number of no balls delivered will give the team a better chance to force a victory, hopefully as soon as next week. A big thanks to all of the parents and siblings who showed up again at the game, hearing the cheers and support is a lift for the coach, so it can only be even better for the kids themselves.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

APCC Under 11 Golds: Round 1 vs Oak Flats Blue

The milling crowd assess the weather situation
The Albion Park Cricket Club’s Under 11 Gold team started the 2017/18 season on Saturday, despite the rain that has been waiting eight months for this particular day to come around. Despite the greasy conditions the match began on time, with Oak Flats Blue winning the toss and electing to field at Albion Oval Middle.

The new laws set in place for under age cricket had their first run on the day, with opinions varied on whether they were good for the kids or not, as well as for the umpires and scorers. In a season where every batsman will face the same number of deliveries no matter how many times they get out, it is not cricket at its purest but will give every chance to have time at the crease each week. Four penalty runs are awarded to the other team for each wicket they take which also tends to make it hard to know who is in front in the game until five minutes after the game has finished. Of course, the result ‘doesn’t matter’ as long as everyone has a good time – but try telling the kids that! It also makes it difficult to report on a game in a traditional form.

Lucas Brown facing up

Max Sciberras looking to drive

Charlotte Rodda playing in defence
The Golds made 93 runs from their 20 overs, losing 8 wickets in the process. Lucas Brown hit the first boundary for the team for the year in his 7 runs. His opening partner Max Sciberras made 2 and showed good intent immediately, and the pair ran between the wickets well. Charlotte Rodda play a couple of good strokes, one through the leg side and one through mid off in her innings of 3. Young Bodhie Rodda, playing his first game of organised cricket showed he was not overawed, and although he didn’t make any runs off the bat he ran well for his partners, and was also unfortunate to receive two of the best balls of the day from his opponents which would have gotten out most batsmen.

Blake Ison with one of the few balls he missed

Kane Rex playing to leg 

Blake Ison played the most flamboyant innings of the day, adding seven boundaries to the total in his unbeaten innings of 29 – though if the LBW law was in effect he would have had a couple of wickets added. He was most impressive in keeping the majority of his strokes along the ground to the boundary, and he ran and called well. Good stuff from Blake. Kane Rex also played well, hitting some shots that couldn’t penetrate the field, but finished with 2 runs nonetheless. Josh Peters was a bit ambitious in his strokeplay, looking at the sky more than the ball but still managed to score 7 runs.

Oak Flats Blue made 102 runs from their 20 overs, while the Golds managed to snare 3 wickets. Blake Ison bowled almost the perfect opening over to the innings, a wicket maiden to start and swinging the ball nicely away from the batsmen. By his fourth over he was a little tired and wayward but his first spell for the season showed how much he has improved already from last season, taking 1/8 from four overs with only two no balls. Max Sciberras first over was terrific, straight and full, but he tried a bit hard in his second over and was short and wide as a result. His two overs finished with 0/15, but he also kept wickets for the second ten overs, and did it with aplomb, only allowing two byes and looking confident in the role. Bodhie Rodda and Charlotte Rodda were nervous about their bowling, and started that way. However, the difference between their first overs and their last overs was startling, with both beginning to get the ball straighter and fuller each time. With a few more training sessions and games under their belt they won’t know themselves. Bodhie finished with 0/19 from three overs and Charlotte 0/23 from her three overs.

Kane Rex bowled an excellent first over, and while his second over was a bit ‘licorice allsorts’ he did bowl and excellent inswinging delivery that bowled one of Oak Flats’ best looking batsman, and his celebration of the wicket was even better than the delivery. He finished with 1/16 from his three overs. Josh Peters first over was only average, but he redeemed himself in the rest of his spell. He beat the bat almost constantly, and if only he would listen to his coach – or his father for that matter – and bowled at the stumps, he would get many more wickets. His three overs cost 1/6. Lucas Brown kept wickets for the first ten overs, and proved very adept at throwing off the gloves to chase and throw the ball, but not so much in putting the gloves back on. He did an admirable job, letting through only 3 byes. His first over too was excellent, right on the spot, but perhaps tried to bowl too fast off too long a run off in his second, with his two overs coming to 0/10.

With penalty runs added to both teams for the wickets taken, the final score was Oak Flats Blue 134 to Albion Park Gold 105. It was a good first outing for the team, and once they have been run ragged at training this week on the skills knowing when to throw at the wickets and how to back up said throws, then hopefully they will be in good form for next week’s match.