Monday, October 13, 2003

More email Thoughts of the Day

1. I can't believe anyone in Australia really sat down and watched an OPENING CEREMONY – especially one for a rugby World Cup. I mean, no one gives a rats arse, do they? I know I don’t. The Wallabies were a bit shaky, but showed that perhaps they have learned that if they’ve shelled out $5 million for 3 ex-League Internationals, that perhaps they should start getting the ball out to them! David Lyons had a pearler, as did Phil Waugh and George Smith (as per usual). We’ll see how they go in about 3 weeks…

2. Having taken Friday off work, I was pleased to see it was the right move, as I saw all of Hayden’s great knock (hope you took my advice, Anthony…). People will always say “it was only against Zimbabwe”, but for Christ’s sake! Anyone who bats that long deserves a record. Especially one that was previously held by Brian Lara!! It’s just a shame he didn’t go on to get 400. That would have been something. Good to see he got good support from Gilchrist – a century in a session, 113* off 94 balls, and no one even knew he was out there batting. Remarkable.

3. Fucking Holden’s. Piece of shite cars that somehow still get all the breaks with the pace cars to win yet another Bathurst. I’m sick of it. At least those two pricks Perkins and Skaife didn’t win this year. And if you have to resort to barracking for Kiwi’s to win Bathurst, Joel, then you’ve got serious problems. Thank Christ I wasn’t up there again.

4. Schumacher VS Senna. If that occurred, they’d both kill each other.

5. Steven Holz continues to defy the critics, adding another 68 to his first match 50 to easily be the leading scorer for Kiama 2nds this season. However, he again threw away a great chance for a century on a very plumb deck at Cavalier Park. This time, however, he didn’t even let me tell him that – he knew without my input. Still, he gets another chance this weekend. We’ve already won on first innings against Jamberoo, and lead by 130 runs with 9 wickets in hand in our second innings.

Bono was complaining about money again, so Anthony then came up with this grand idea for next year's Bathurst 1000...

Maybe our own entry next year would increase your enthusiasm John ?

- Team name: "West Kiama To Win"

- Sponsers: The West Kiama consortium and a couple 'o' flower shops.

- Drivers: John and Peter

- Electrix: Me

- Mechanix: Bill (with his BP experience) and Shane (father is a mechanic).

In good hands there

- Music and alcohol coordinator: Kearo

- Entertaining us while we wait for the chump drivers to come back into the

pits: Steve opening in the NSW v Vic first one day match of the season.

....sound OK ?

My own thoughts were as follows :

Bill and Shane look at car as Joel drives in for pit stop and driver change.
“Well…..the fuel goes in there….the oil in there…..can’t check the radiator while the engine is hot….tyres seem a little worn…….”