Thursday, February 10, 2005

Positive Result

After a week long wait to see what blood tests gave which results, it was finally confirmed this afternoon that Helen is indeed pregnant.
Now a  rejoiner - it is only two weeks. While it is great news, we both must be vigilant in understanding that anything could happen in the next few weeks, and we must be prepared to deal with that.
But it is good news. Let's hope nothing untoward happens, and that Jess does get that baby brother - or sister...

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Working in the Heat

It reached 35 degress today. All in good usually. It is February after all. Of course, today the air con at work had decided to pack it in. Again. Why do we even bother getting it fixed if, on the days it is required, it doesn't work anyway?!?!

Having also said that I would never again fill in entries in the Oven Temperature Log and Bakery Log that others who work at BP had 'forgotten' to fill in, I was forced to renig, when the shop auditor decided to turn up this afternoon. As such, I was forced to do this, despite my pleas that I wouldn't. I'm so sick of having to cover other people's arses, when there is no chance that they would do the same for me.
And, because of the heat, we sold a million drinks and ice creams.

Oh well. It's over for another day. Maybe there is some cricket on in South Africa I can watch tonight...


How bloody good are they! I have just began to rediscover them after a long absence, and can't believe how good they are.
Last week, I downloaded a video of them Live in Munich in 1977 - and it is just brilliant. They are all young(er), Ronnie's voice live is magnificent, and Ritchie is brilliant without being big-headed and hogging the limelight.
On the back of this, I have just pulled out the entire Rainbow discography - and realised how brilliant they are. I had forgotten just what magnificent albums Rising, Long Live Rock 'n' Roll, Down To Earth and Difficult To Cure are.
These guys should have such a higher profile in the annals of Heavy Metal history.

Sunday, February 6, 2005

Trivia Night

Had a great time at the cricket club trivia night last night. Despite not winning...
Actually, not winning was not the thing of concern. Last week, Simone and I had made a bet (on behalf of our tables). Whichever of our tables that won got a bottle of spirits from the other. They beat us by three points. Of course, we were robbed, and I explained this to them politely at the end. Strangely, none of them agreed.
So it looks as though I'm up for a bottle of vodka, as it is highly unlikely anyone else on my team will cough up some moolah for it.
Damn it!  
Jess seems to have recovered well from the trauma of yesterday. Thankfully. Her finger is battered and bruised, but seems OK. I will ask Manette about it when we go over to see the Kearin's new place this afternoon.

Saturday, February 5, 2005

Mashing Fingers

It was not a good afternoon. I had gone over to Neville Hilton Oval to watch 1sts in their match against The Rail. Helen had left Jess with me, and Rocket and I had decided to walk around to the other side of the oval where the shade was. Half way around, Jess began screaming. I thought I may have scraped her leg on the fence - but it turned out that her finger had got caught in the arm of the pram that folds when you collapse it. Somehow, it pushing the pram, it had opened enough for Jess to get her finger in.
And she screamed and screamed. And I just didn't know what to do about it. I rang Helen, she came and picked us up, and we got her home. With a bandaid and some Savlon, and sitting in front of the Teletubbies, she recovered. Her father, however, was shot. As harrowing as it was for her, it was the same for me - without pain.
I am not very good at coping with things like that. I hope I don't have to do so again anytime soon.

Friday, February 4, 2005

On and On

Hey! Last night at work went OK! Despite the fact that our price remained at 96.5cpl, and the Caltex up the road went to 103.9cpl, it wasn't too bad. The fact that it was the end of the working week after only two shifts probably helped a bit.

The 1st Final in the VB Series has begun. Hayden has been dropped, with Clarke opening and Katich batting at 7. Interesting move, especially as Clarkey only made 9. 1/29, and the Pakis are looking pretty good. An upset on the cards? Quite possibly. It will be up to Ponting to do the business I think...

Off to M&D's this arvo, and see how Flynn and Sophie have enjoyed their first week at school. If they are in the same class, I pity their teacher. 

Thursday, February 3, 2005

Remembering Di

Ah - the first day back at work after a month off. And guess what? It was exactly the same as I left it. Hardly felt like I had been away at all. The same woman who comes in with LPG, but never knows what pump number it is, despite me having asked her for it twice a week for 5 years, was in again this arvo. The same bloke who tells me his odometer reading as soon as he hands me his card, even though I ask him to wait until it comes up on the screem twice a week for 5 years, was in again this arvo. The same old people, doing the same old things. *sigh*

It absolutely hammered down with rain at 4pm. The clouds had been building for an hour, but it came in a hurry. Helen rang me at 8.30pm, and told me we almost got flooded again - with all the water coming off the back road through the back of our house again. So it's back to abusing the council again. That should be fun. *sigh*

Had a lovely day with Jess and Helen again before work. Jess is growing up quick now. I am now always reminding myself to take advantage of her while she is this age, before she becomes more independent of her father. *sigh*

Today (yesterday now, of course) was the second anniversary of Di Hogan's death from cancer. I took time to remember her again today, as I do often anyway. It's hard to believe that it has been two years without her sometimes. Even last week when I walked to the bar at the Golf Club, and Bob grabbed my shoulder, I turned around to see him, and just expected Di to be with him. *sigh*