Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ridiculous Rotation Resting and Ricky's Last Stand

Can someone explain to me why, in a Test that will decide this series, and (ridiculously) the #1 Test team in the cricket world, that our top two bowlers are NOT being picked because they have had a heavy workload. What a disgrace, why not just spit in their face! Both Siddle and Hilfenhaus would not play if they didn't think they were capable. What happens now if Mitch Johnson (unlikely) and Mitch Starc (maybe) and either John Hastings or Josh Hazelwood go out in this Test and take a five-fa? How do you then justify dropping THEM for the next Test?! It's just a joke.

I hope we win, but if we don't, then we have a whole new panel of selectors that need to take a long hard look at themselves.
And on this #1 ranking... how can they honestly label Australia as #1 if we win this Test? We got flogged at home and away by the Poms, and flogged in India two years ago, and only drew with New Zealand at home last season. It would be a joke and an embarrassment to put our hands up and claim that title again befor we beat India and England away from home next year. THEN it would be deserved.
And finally, on Ricky Ponting's final Test for Australia.
Let's not preempt anything. Ricky - do not defend with a crooked bat, do not lunge forward early, do not poke at that ball on the off stump. Walk to the crease, doff your cap to the crowd - and then just take the bowling apart. Take the first ball to the mid wicket boundary, and the second to the cover point boundary. Do not let the bowlers settle into a groove. Hit them off balance, and don't let them recover. Now is the time to truly show how good you have been. Do not go out with a whimper. Go out in a blaze of glory.