Sunday, January 19, 2003

Cricket Sucks

Ever had one of those days where you wish you could either crawl into a hole and hide, or belt the bejeezus out of something?
Yesterday was another day where I was given the opportunity to win a game for the Kiama Cricket Club, and yet did exactly the opposite. Details do not need revisiting - though needless to say, if there are 2 balls left in the match, and the opposition need 5 runs to win, you should NOT lose the game!! It was frustrating. Again, I feel I have never bowled better than I have this season (barring the first match against Gerringong), and yet I believe that I can't get a break...a big haul of wickets.
It would be nice, before the end of the season, to get that haul,and score some runs. Four games left of 1st Grade this season, and I still intend for this to be my swansong in the top grade. It'd be good to finish well, rather than as a broken-down has-been.

Nan is back in respite for 2 weeks (and hates it, of course), while Grandad has recovered well, but is still stressing too heavily over Nan's situation. Let's hope there is some relief coming soon, before they both fall over...

Helen was 11 weeks yesterday, and all seems to be going well. The vomiting is beginning to slow up (a relief for everyone...), and she is returning to her normal self again. She is booked in for an ultrasound in 2 weeks, and we'll have a clearer picture then. Saw the doc on Wednesday, who said due date was August 13 - original prediction was August 9. We'll see.

Friday, January 10, 2003

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

So, I've been to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Quite amusing. Perhaps not as good as the reviews it has been getting, but enjoyable all the same. I'd say 3 out of 5.

Helen has spewed again, and is back in the *groan* category again, after two days of good feeling. Oh well. You can't be pregnant and happy too. Apparently...

Grandad Stroke

Mum rang at 9.30pm last night to tell us that Grandad has had a stroke - just hours after Nan finally got home from hospital herself! She's been in since December 22, and had a bowel operation last week. Then as soon as she gets home, Grandad collapses...
It is, unfortunately, not surprising. Grandad has just been doing too much over the past six months, and the stress has obviously caught up with him. Apparently he was in Casualty last night waiting to be admitted, but was walking around, so hopefully it is not too serious. We'll know more today, no doubt. Dad is going up this morning...

Thursday, January 9, 2003

Sirro's Fight Back!

What an entirely useful day! Didn't get to the library yesterday - just didn't have the time, and not enough time to spend there. I'm going to need a full day, so sometime next week.

Mum & Dad's was good last night, with the Wade's, as well as Ange. Dad does a great chicken and sausage BBQ...
Lid and I had planned to go to the movies this morning to see "A Big Fat Greek Wedding". However, after a 7.30am spew, Lid decided to go back for another hour's sleep. Didn't arise until 10.30am, and with the movie beginning at 10.30am, it just wasn't going to happen.We've decided to try again tomorrow morning.

Sri Lanka have pummelled the Aussies in the one-dayer this afternoon - 5/340-something off their 50 overs. Good to watch actually. If it had been the Poms, I would have been pissed off. The chase should be interesting.

Cricket meeting tomorrow night as well. One of my last in the Secretary role. Though they don't all know that yet...

Wednesday, January 8, 2003

Sirro's Can't Bat

Those Sirro's butchered the one dayer yesterday afternoon - not once, but TWICE!! Fantastic stuff!

The holiday mode has set in nicely now. No worrying about going to work at 3pm - just sit back, watch some afternoon telly (tennis and cricket has been good!), then decide what to cook for tea, eat it, go to bed whenever...

Off to the library this arvo to do some research into what I can get from the archives for the cricket club records I've been slaving over for about 2 years now. Hopefully, I'll at least be able to have all of the players who have played 1sts for us before the end of January, so we can begin to plan for the reunion sometime in the next 12 months.

M&D's for tea tonight with the in-laws. I guess it's a celebration for the forthcoming grandchild. Let's just hope everything runs smoothly. Speaking of which, Helen appears to be getting better every day. No vomitous spells yesterday, which is the first for about three weeks. One can only hope...

Monday, January 6, 2003


OK, so I have finally gotten around to getting my diary back online. And this is a lot simpler than the last lot I had going.
So, any rantings and ravings that are required will be found here from this point on.

As I have previously stated, the Test is over, and now we're back into the dinky one-day stuff. Can't have everything, I guess. Holzy and Danny were supposed to come over today, but I guess their stint at the Bowlo last night lasted longer than my 8.45pm departure time.

Helen continues to be up and down, having her good days and bad. I will be thankful once this morning sickness passes."Morning" sickness - yeah, right!! More like 24/7 sickness!!

No cricket on TV now for 23 hours. How will I be able to survive? Mmmm...maybe some metal....

We Lost a Test!!!

So, the bloody Poms have won a Test - finally! Wouldn't that piss you off no end.

How Michael Vaughan got Player of the Series I'll never know. Didn't we win 4-1? If we did, how does a Pom win Best Player?It's just a joke, no matter how many runs a guy gets. If he'd walked in Adelaide when Justin Langer caught him fairly like he should have, he would never have made as many runs as he did. Voting for such awards can be a joke sometimes.