Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Kyrgios Express Still Running Off the Rails

If there is anything that can take away the bad taste in the mouth of losing a Test match to Bangladesh, it is the continuing saga of both Bernard Tomic and Nick Kyrgios in their abortive tennis campaigns of 2017.

Following Tomic's assertion after his Wimbledon fiasco that he was only doing this as a job, and that he would have to play for another ten years and then retire, he hasn't won a match. He came into the first round of the U.S. Open and was beaten by Gilles Muller - no mug to be sure, but another first round loss for Tomic all the same. His call at his press conference that he was "doing Australia a favour by not making myself available for the Davis Cup" was a ludicrous statement, given that in his current form and head space, he wouldn't be selected anyway! What is even more humorous, he has now dropped beyond the world's top 140 players, meaning he is no longer guaranteed a start in any major tournament which is where he would have gathered he would make his biggest paydays, knocked in the first round or not. It means there is a possibility he will have to rely on Tennis Australia granting him a wildcard into the 2018 Australian Open, or having to qualify. Surely TA would rather give their precious wildcard to someone who gave a rats arse about tennis and Australia in general.

Kyrgios meanwhile had a good week in reaching the final at Cincinnati last week, and then blew it all away this week by being smashed in his first round match against fellow Australian John Millman in four sets. Midway through the match he complained of shoulder soreness, which didn't seem to trouble him when he smashed his racquet  during the match. Afterwards he once again brought out the old line that he doesn't care, he doesn't want to work hard, he doesn't enjoy tennis. It is tiresome and tedious. If it is too much trouble for him to do the right thing, then just quit! That's not hard! Just announce you aren't playing anymore and go away and have a crack at basketball if you think you are any good. At least if you supposedly love that game, maybe you'll have a decent effort at trying instead of this ridiculous pouting after every loss.

Hopefully the Aussies will have a good two weeks at the U.S Open, and we can forget about these two losers and concentrate on the good stories in the game.

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