Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Revisiting The Twilight Zone: S05E35: The Fear

Revisiting The Twilight Zone: S05E35: The Fear

It’s the ‘one room’ plays that can often be the best episodes of the Twilight Zone, given that you only have the reactions of the immediate participants to judge what exactly can be happening in such a scenario. Such is the premise here in The Fear, where a well-used scenario is put to its test once again.

In the long run, the episode actually works out quite well. The rapport between the two lead characters, policeman Robert and socialite Charlotte, is well explored, with the nervous Charlotte, who has moved to this isolated location to recover from her anxiety, suddenly believing she is being stalked. It isn’t long before the trooper finds he believes her, and is struck by the strange things going on around them. His car moving by itself, and then mysteriously being returned to its position, but with two large fingerprints on it. Even the final reveal of their stalker, the enormous one-eyed alien, doesn’t come across as corny at all. Indeed, the ending of the episode is well done, and ties the whole story together nicely for a satisfying conclusion.

Given the performances of the two actors in the story, this is much more pleasing than you would have initially expected if you just read the story outline. It’s worth the watch.

Rating: Eye can see you! 4/5

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