Monday, July 24, 2017

Revisiting The Twilight Zone: S05E34: Come Wander With Me

Revisiting The Twilight Zone: S05E34: Come Wander With Me

I still have as much trouble with this episode as I ever had. While the story may come together in the end, it takes far too long to try and piece together what the hell is going on, and then once you do you struggle to deal with the way the protagonist come to its conclusion.

There’s too many questions. For a start, old mate at the shop who doesn’t talk and doesn’t indicate anything – what the hell is that all about? Why would Floyd go any further when he was being obviously no help whatsoever? Then there is the whole thing about wanting to buy a song for his next big hit, and hears about four lines of a song from Mary Rachel and he MUST have it. Seriously? Are we expected to believe this rubbish? And then the appearance of Billy Rayford, and the whole accidental death. OK, I know we are supposed to be just acting out the song lyrics here, but it is all too staged. Yes, it is supposed to be that way, but couldn’t it have been more ‘realistic’ to go along with song? And the end, with Floyd hiding in a shop and being found. Why not keep running all the way back to his car and out of there? Sorry, not buying it.

We might be in the Twilight Zone, but there needs to be a little bit more believability to a story to have me wanting to come back to an episode in the future. This doesn’t have it.

Rating: A song to die for. 3/5

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