Monday, February 27, 2017

Songs of My Life #38 - AC/DC - Live Wire - 1975

This might seem like a simple thing to say, but what I love about this song is its simplicity. Sure, AC/DC might have made a career out of it, but this is magnificently brilliant in its simple tones.

Take a listen. The simple open string bass runs along the start of the song, eventually joined by the simple strum of the guitar, the tap on the high hats, the joining of the 4/4 beat of the drums, the rhythm riff and finally Bon Scott's vocals over the top. It's all so simple, but constructed brilliantly to build to the crescendo of the chorus, the second verse, the guitar solo. This is the one, the AC/DC song that gets me every time, the one I love to jam to, because it is just a terrific song in which all the parts almost start on their own, and join to become one.

Play it loud, and sing it loud. \m/

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