Sunday, June 9, 2013

Relaxing on a Long Weekend Sunday? As If!!!

Helen's orchid is beginning to break out into the open . It's a ripper too. And here it is for all to see.

So, what else would you do on a long weekend Sunday? Rest? Relax? Well... there was some of that. Helen and Maddi were in bed until well after 9.00am, and Helen even managed to get breakfast in bed.
Anyway, Helen decided that today was time to reseal the deck, which meant getting everything off it, then keeping the dog off it, then washing it down, then painting it up. Which we did, before Helen began the first coat.

Of course, no doubt it's a terrible thing that I did nothing while Helen slaved away.
Oh wait. I made lunch for everyone, and then washed up everything.

Meanwhile, the kids were playing their own little games in the lounge room together.

Meanwhile, Helen was still resurfacing the deck...

... yes, I was still doing stuff... cooking beef and vegetable casserole for dinner...

Eventually, Helen finished the first coat on the deck. Looks pretty good, hey?

Then we all sat down to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. During which Joshua literally fell asleep in this way.

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