Friday, January 18, 2013

Record Ridiculous Heat


So today turned out to be a record for Albion Park as the heatwave really took hold. The highest temperature recorded during the day was 45.3 degrees, as shown in the photo above. It was quite amazing.

I was one of the fortunate ones, though. I had taken today off a couple of weeks ago, as it was the only day in January that Helen and I were unable to find a grandparent to look after the kids. So, as my office in Albion Park was no doubt being melted into a tiny liquid ball, I had survived.
Firstly, I took the kids down to Albion Park pool for the morning. It was funny though. As I was in the water helping Josh do his swimming, my body was cool, but my bucket-hatted head could feel the heat going straight through it to my skull. When we finally got out to come home, all of our swimmers had basically dried by the time we made it back home.
After an hour of dealing without it, at 1.00pm I finally relented and closed off the house and turned our air conditioning on. Yeah yeah, I know, it's a bit stingy or a bit stupid, but I like to think we can deal with weather without having to immediately dive at either the AC or the heater the second that the weather gets too bad. It was however just brilliant. For the remainder of the day we luxuriated in 23 degree coolness, while the world outside had to deal with temperatures still exceeding 39 degrees until the southerly change hit around 8.30pm, saving the day for all.

I really felt for Helen. She had missed having to work last Tuesday when the last heatwave hit, but no such luck today, and she was an overheated mess when she arrived home at 2.30pm. We got her water from the freezer and other things to cool her down, and after a shower she seemed a little like her old self.

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