Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Modern Family?

I guess this is occurring more now that the kids are still on school holidays, but this tickled my funny bone this evening.

With the Australian Open tennis having started yesterday, there are night session on TV every night for the next two weeks. And combined with Australia's ODI series against Sri Lanka, and the Big Bash League semi-finals, I have plenty of sport to keep me occupied.

So, as I amused myself watching the Great Aussie Poser, Bernard Tomic, blitz the crap out of some poor South American, and watching Will Sheridan's Melbourne Renegades go from top of the ladder to losing their semi-final against the Brisbane Heat, I was left on my lonesome.
The kids withdrew to their rumpus area and watched "Cars" followed by "Cars 2". Helen withdrew to the Metal Cavern, and watched a movie ("Love Happens" with Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart, which looked awful).
So everyone was separated into their separate rooms, and were not disturbed until I told the kid at 9.40pm it was waaaaaay past their bedtime.

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