Sunday, February 4, 2018

Jessibill: Death By Multimedia. Episode 10.

This week on Episode 10:

There’s Something on the TV! – Jess claims she has 'not been watching much TV' which given the amount of time she's been staring at a screen seems unusual. Bill mean HAS been watching good stuff, and gives us an update on The X Files Season 11.

Crap Movies Bill is Forcing Jess to Watch! – There can be only one, and it's better to burn out than to fade away! We're reaching back into the mid-1980's once again as Bill brings out another classic film for Jess in the form of Christopher Lambert's greatest role of Connor McCloud in HIGHLANDER.

Album Review Switcheroo! – There's plenty of music around, and Jess is gearing up for the tour in march of one of her favourites by giving Bill the brand newie from FALL OUT BOY called MANIA, while Bill goes back in time again to give Jess a lesson in hard rock harmonies with DEF LEPPARD's awesome sophomore album HIGH N' DRY.

Crap That Jess Has Been Watching On YouTube! – Jess still claims to be not watching much on YouTube (which still seems slightly unusual) but she gives us a review of jacksfilms (or something like that) for everyone to have a bit of a look at, while Bill obsesses with finding the perfect metal cover of classic 80's pop songs.

We also have the result of our poll from December, being 'is Die Hard a Xmas movie".

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