Thursday, November 30, 2017

Songs of My Life #69 - Iron Maiden - Purgatory - 1981

Songs of My Life #69 - Iron Maiden - Purgatory - 1981

This is one of those songs that gets lost in the amazing career of Iron Maiden, but it has always been a favourite of mine. From the back half of the Killers album, it showcases how amazing this band was, and the talent they had to become as big as they would within just a couple of years.

Listen to Paul Di'Anno's amazing vocals here - after all of these years it still suits this album perfectly. The twin guitars of Murray and Smith are awesome here, as well as the rifling bass guitar of Steve Harris. That magnificent gunning in this song is tremendous. And not to mention the brilliant drumming of Clive Burr. Magnificent.

Like I said it's not one of their most well known songs, even though it was released as a single. But it still carries a lot of weight today in so many ways. It still reminds me of our Year 11 Study Skills camp at Fitzroy Falls, when Killers was played over and over in our dorm room.

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