Monday, June 19, 2017

Songs of My Life #68 - Iced Earth - Ten Thousand Strong - 2007

Songs of My Life #68 - Iced Earth - Ten Thousand Strong - 2007

Iced Earth is a band that I like a lot of songs, and then have trouble with a lot of songs. Most of their albums I like half the songs on them and then there are a few I can't get into at all. But the best songs are just awesome.

Let's take this one for example. For a short time Tim "Ripper" Owens joined then band after the departure of Matt Barlow, and to be honest I think Jon Schaeffer had trouble writing songs for his vocal range. But by goodness they got it right on this song. The best Iced Earth songs all have the galloping guitar and drums backed up by great vocals, and this has it all. The whole song is fabulous, but just take a listen to the way Ripper starts and finishes the song - my goodness, to have a voice like that. These are the kind of songs Ripper should be singing all the time, great fast tracks that make the most of his brilliant range. There is not enough of it.
The video to go with the song is barely average, but the song makes up for it. Turn it up and let it rip! \m/

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