Friday, May 26, 2017

Revisiting The Twilight Zone: S05E17: Number 12 Looks Just Like You

Revisiting The Twilight Zone: S05E17: Number 12 Looks Just Like You

So here is another episode of the future, a dystopian one where everyone goes through a procedure to make them more beautiful which also coincidentally extends their life expectancy. So what’s not to like?

Well, I enjoy the fact that there are pretty much only three actors playing all of the roles, specifically because they are the ‘templates’ that are used for the procedure. As a result, it is acted well between them, and also filmed well to incorporate different characters played by the same actor or actress. It’s just that the actual story line doesn’t seem to have any momentum. It sags along in the middle once the initial plot is revealed, and doesn’t ever really move to a conclusion that we thought would otherwise occur. Sure, it takes some time for our protagonist to go through with the procedure, at which time she is now happy and thrilled with her change which tends to suggest her personality was changed as well as her looks. And the end result is happiness all round. Except maybe for the viewer.

It works okay, it’s just that for me there was no plot explosion or tipping point, and the end result came to pass as expected. A little disappointing.

Rating: Mama we’re all crazy now. 3/5

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