Friday, April 7, 2017

Songs of My Life #58 – Whitesnake – Bad Boys – 1987

Songs of My Life #58 – Whitesnake – Bad Boys – 1987

Of the number of songs that epitomised the summer of 1987/88 for me, Whitesnake’s ‘Bad Boys’ is perhaps the strongest. It came from the “1987” album that had been released that year, and it was one of the albums I had on constant rotation throughout that time along with Dio’s “Dream Evil” and Def Leppard’s “Hysteria”.
For me, it was the Summer of Bill, having completed the end of Year 12 and the HSC, with three months of nothing but cricket, music and going out with friends. And a lot of what ‘Bad Boys’ is about was so relatable to me at the time that it became somewhat of an anthem.

So yes, this was a REAL song of my life, as it still reminds me of those heady days. On New Year’s Eve 1987 we congregated at a friend’s house that was our central location for the night between pub and club visits, and it was ‘Bad Boys’ that not only dominated the stereo there, but on the trips between venues. There must have been down sides in those few months, but I only remember great times, and this song always makes me smile because of them.

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