Monday, April 3, 2017

Songs of My Life #55 – Faith No More – Zombie Eaters – 1989.

Songs of My Life #55 – Faith No More – Zombie Eaters – 1989.

By the time that the world had gone crazy with a song called ‘Epic’ and it had been played to death over the radio and the music video TV programmes, our little group of music aficionados had already had Faith No More’s “The Real Thing” album for some time and had dissected it thoroughly. In fact, the band I was in during these days had had a crack at covering songs off the album like ‘Epic’ (averagely), ‘From Out of Nowhere’ (awfully) and ‘Surprise! You’re Dead!’ (successfully).

The song that always struck me as the perfect example of their work on this album was ‘Zombie Eaters’, which covered just how brilliant each aspect of the band was. The slow, serene acoustic opening to the song, with Mike Patton’s beautiful soaring vocals chiming in, would always lull unsuspecting people in to a false sense of security, before the crashing in of Mike Bordin’s drums, Roddy Bottom’s guttural bass and Jim Martin’s amazing guitar riff halfway through the song just lightens up the dark side in a mayhemic collision of the two halves of the band. I have a lot of favourite songs from the band, but this one to me was the perfect example of what Faith No More was at this stage of their development.

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