Monday, March 20, 2017

Songs of My Life #52 - Vixen - How Much Love - 1990

Songs of My Life #52 - Vixen - How Much Love - 1990

Everyone has guilty pleasures when it comes to their music tastes. Those songs that, if you told your mate that you listened to that band or loved that particular song, your mate would exclaim something like "what the fuck?!?" While I probably have a few of those bands and/or songs, the one I get the most roasted for is Vixen.

These four ladies came together in 1988, and with the help of Richard Marx (yes, I know) released their debut album. Their second album, "Rev it Up!" came in 1990, and this song comes from that album. And ever since I got these two albums on cassette in Bali in 1991 I have been a fan. Not of everything, but quite a bit.

Yes, it's a classic rock ballad, but come on. Four rock chicks belting out hair metal songs. Roxy Petrucci with her motorbike drum kit and kicking that cowbell throughout. Share Pederson smashing the bass guitar in rhythm, the terrific Jan Kuehnemund who is sadly no longer with us due to cancer, playing lead guitar and those backing vocals, and *sigh* Janet Gardner on awesome lead vocals (and rhythm guitar on the albums).

This song still finds its way on to most of my mixed playlists. And while most will mock me and laugh at me, I really don't care. If you listen closely, you can here me now...

"How much love is it gonna take! To prove I'm not another heartache! Till you begin to let your heart give in - tell me how much loooooove" (cowbell!) \m/ Not much Janet... not much at all...

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