Friday, March 17, 2017

40 Years Ago - Centenary Test 1977 Australia V England

Today - March 17 - marks exactly 40 years to the day that the Centenary Test concluded at the MCG, with Australia defeating England by 45 runs - the exact margin that they had won by 100 years previously.
It therefore marks exactly 40 years to the day that I had appendix removed, as I was taken to hospital for the procedure that day. Dad was forced to watch the scintillating final session of the match from the TV in the waiting room as I was being prepared for surgery. Sorry Dad.

For those that haven't seen this video, I can  only suggest you take the 70 minutes to watch it. It was (from my hazy memories of when I was 7 years old) an amazing match, and with so many amazing performances it is impossible to list them all.


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