Thursday, November 17, 2016

Revisiting The Twilight Zone: S3 E31

Season 3: Episode 31: The Trade-Ins

An interesting concept that isn’t just a science-fiction story, but mixes it with the virtues of true love and the decisions that will eventually face everyone as they realise they are reaching the end of their lives, together or as one. It would be easy to try and pick apart this story (if the technology of the world as depicted in this episode can transfer the heart and soul of a person from their old body into a genetically engineered body of another, why haven’t they just been able to cure disease instead) but that would be unfair.

Instead, we have a tale of a couple still together and in love after more than fifty years, who want to continue on together. The opportunity of a dual body swap is the answer, but when they only have enough money for one transfer, what is to be done? Gamble to find the money? Only have one person do the swap initially, and hope to save the remainder in time for the other to join them?

It’s a fun tale, with a nice undercurrent of the value of true and long lasted love being the winner in the end.

Rating:  Eternal life for a price.  4/5.

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