Friday, November 11, 2016

Revisiting The Twilight Zone: S3 E27

Season 3: Episode 27: Person or Persons Unknown

When it comes to stories that involving ‘fish out of water’ scenarios, this works for the most part. It allows you to spend the majority of the episode trying to work out what is going on before the protagonist David Gurney does himself. I did like the fact that the story revolves around a man who knows everyone in his world, but they have absolutely no recollection of him. Like David, you try to work out why this ‘prank’ is being pulled, and how it is that everyone is in on it, no matter how small the detail. In episodes like this it works best to imagine yourself in the same scenario. That’s when it gets scary.

The twist at the end is somewhat predictable, but at least leaves the subject within the realms of the Twilight Zone rather than giving us a nice wrap up back in the real world. Generally these are the endings, where they are left up in the air, that work the best.

Rating:  Why is everyone crazy except me?  3.5/5

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