Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Revisiting The Twilight Zone: S3 E25

Season 3:  Episode 25:  The Fugitive

The best Twilight Zone episodes tend to lead you in one direction, having you believe that this must be the way the story is heading... before it completely flips you around, and you realise that what you believed to be true was in fact something completely unrelated. This episode does this excellently, as you watch all of the local kids cavorting with Old Ben, an elderly gent who appears to be quite proficient in magic, or some type of magic. Not only does he easily hit a baseball for a loooong home run, he is then able to easily change into an alien, and then back again. This appears harmless enough, but we soon discover there are two men in suits who are desperately trying to find him, and one can only wonder why, and what he may have done or who he might be that makes him so interesting to these characters.

The episode plays out interestingly and with surprises along the way, and the several pieces to the conclusion of the story all fit together quite nicely in the end.

Rating:  Kings and queens.   5/5.

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