Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Revisiting The Twilight Zone: S3 E24

Season 3:  Episode 24:  To Serve Man

This has always been a Twilight Zone classic, as much for the eventual twist conclusion as for any other part of the episode. I must admit it always tickled my funny bone in this regard. But there are those moments that annoy me through the course of the telling of the tale. The major one has always been the deciphering of the book that the aliens have brought with them to Earth. Firstly, that the aliens allowed this book to be taken by the humans in the first place. OK, so they probably didn't think anything would come of it, but why take the chance? Secondly, as was actually said by the character of Michael Chambers within the episode, how did they expect to be able to decipher an alien language quickly when it took so many years to break Japanese and German codes during the war? Seriously, in a matter of weeks this was accomplished, and pretty much most of it by one person by the looks. Anyway...

Apart from this, the episode winds its way to its conclusion, and our protagonist finds himself in a tight spot at the end. For first timers, this episode ticks all the boxes that the best Twilight Zone episodes can achieve. And Richard Kiel is the only man who could have played these parts so effectively.

Rating:   Flying on a rocket ship.   5/5.

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