Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Kyrgios Sulks and States the Obvious

Too freaking right you are sunshine! Once again you prove that you may have some skill on the tennis court, but you have no heart for the fight, you'd rather shout expletives at the linesmen or the umpire or your opponent, or your own entourage, and that it's easier to just stop trying than to fight to the end of the match and give it all you've got, no matter what the final result.

Another week of tennis where the occasional ray of brilliant tennis is overshadowed by the less savoury side of your demeanour, and where you again failed to comprehend just what a corkhead you come across as, and why it is that the media bait you, and why the majority of Australia's sports-loving public find it hard to support you.

Grow up, find some humility, and work harder on your game in silence rather than carrying on like a pork chop. It's not too late to become a beloved Australian champion, rather than heading down the Anthony Mundine path of never being acknowledged for your talent because you only care for yourself.

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