Thursday, July 7, 2016

90's Music Challenge: Day 2

90's Music Challenge. 7 songs in 7 days that define the 1990's for me. Day 2.

At Easter 1995, the Alternative Nation festival was held at Eastern Creek. It was a mudbath. Wet, quicksand-like mud, food and drink lines an hours wait. Probably wouldn't have it any other way. I saw a lot of good bands that day.

There was one in particular I wanted to see. I had seen their poster on the wall of Steve Buscemi and Adam Sandler's room in the movie "Airheads", a band called Therapy? (Yes, with the question mark at the end). So at about three o'clock my mate Joel and I crawled our way up to the top end stage, and awaited their set.

The song they started with was this one, which is the opening track on their ridiculously brilliant album "Troublegum". To say it was a brutal and smashing way to start a set would be an understatement. The whole set was just brilliant, and the following week I had "Troublegum" in my hands, and it remains one of my favourite 20 albums of all time. Angry, belligerent and intelligent.

Song #2 is "Knives" by Therapy? Listen to it loud.

Today I nominate John Cincotta to show how little music he listened to in the 1990's and try and come up with seven songs he can remember from that decade.

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