Thursday, February 25, 2016

Songs Of My Life #25 - The Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - 1981

Songs Of My Life #25

This was my first memory of The Police, though it is more than possible that I had heard other singles on the radio before this was released and didn't realise it or just don't remember it. I do know that this song flooded the airwaves during my final weeks at Minnamurra Primary School, which in my head then got ties in with the girl I liked at the time, Stephanie Hill (no, she had absolutely zero interest in me, but then that wasn't unusual...).

My strongest memory of this song is when my sister Angela and I went to school holiday activities at the school, and on the final day we went on a bus trip to Foxground to the animal park there. Justin Anderson and I had spent a lot of the week together, and as we sat together on the bus taking us down, this song came on the radio, and we both began singing it together, thus discovering our mutual love of the song and, presumably the band. Which we then proceeded to sing together for the rest of the day.
Why has that stuck in my head for 37 years? I really couldn't tell you, except that one of us went on to be a pretty handy musician and vocalist, and the other did not.

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