Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Songs Of My Life #24 - Crowded House - Fall At Your Feet - 1991

Songs Of My Life #24.

I loved Woodface when it was released, as it marked the coming (albeit for a very short time) of Tim Finn into the Crowded House fold. I was hoping for utter brilliance as the majority of the songs were written by the Finn brothers together, which we didn't immediately get from the first single from the album, "Chocolate Cake".

However, this was the song, the one that started the train of singles from the album that should all have been top ten singles, but were pushed out by the crap that was being released in the early 1990's. Neil Finn's amazing vocals along with the harmonies through the chorus are simply superb.
I taught myself this on the bass in recent years, and still enjoy playing and singing (both poorly) it when I put it on.

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