Thursday, February 18, 2016

Songs Of My Life #18 - Metallica - Orion - 1986

Songs Of My Life #18.

For a few enjoyable years prior to getting married I was in a band with several other good friends. As with most bands we were terrible. Our guitarists were all awesome though, and when we 'recruited' Kearo from his other band we had a great drummer... well, let's amend that to "Bill was terrible" then. But we had a great time, and played some fun gigs.
In order to get around the fact that we had no full time lead vocalist for most of our existence, we had to find instrumentals to play to avoid having to have me screeching at the audience all the time. "Orion" was the most fun to play, and as a drummer it was probably the best song technically I ever played at that time. I loved it, and I still love it now. The fact that we played it live years before Metallica ever did always gave us a warm glow as well. :)

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