Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Revisiting The Twilight Zone: S1 E18: The Last Flight

Revisiting The Twilight Zone: S1 E18: The Last Flight

Oh this is a beauty, exactly the kind of episode that makes The Twilight Zone so brilliant. The story is excellent and the performances within in are top shelf.

Confusion reigns at an airbase in France, when British national Terry Decker lands his biplane after being lost in strange white clouds. He is unsure of what is happening as he observes aircraft on the runway that are far advanced from his own, while the Americans in charge of the base cannot understand why he is flying such an antiquated aircraft. It isn’t until they discuss the date that things become even less clear. Decker insists it is 1917, while the Americans inform him it is 1959. More problems arise when Decker informs them that his flying mate he has just ‘left’ is named Mackaye. He is then informed that this Mackaye is now Air Vice Marshall and is on his way to the base as they speak.

This is the first episode that was written by Richard Matheson alone, and it is a ripper. The way he winds the characters through the episode, tying up all of the questions and loose ends by the completion is just fantastic. The performances, especially by Kenneth Haigh as Decker are perfect, and keep you in suspense until the closing act.

Rating: One of my top ten favourite TZ episodes. 5/5

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