Tuesday, October 20, 2015

CEO of the NRL? I'm Applying!

Bill Peters as the next CEO of the NRL? Can I do a better job than Dave Smith? Homer Simpson could do a better job than Dave Smith.

Within three years, I promise the following:

  1. Get rid of Phil Gould from all public profile in the game. He is either negative, unhelpful or whining about every decision in the game, or he's pissing in the pockets of people endlessly. It's not that we disagree all the time, but we don't need to hear it from him every single time, carrying on about it without anything actually being done about it. If he wants to help, he can go on a sub-committee i will set up far far away from the media and the commentary box, and we'll do our best to help him.
  2. Lower entry prices to all games. If TV is paying a fortune for the rights (though that's not in stone yet), then lets get some fans back in the grounds watching the game there to help out. $12.50 adults, $5 kids, $40 maximum for families. Let's see full stadiums instead of embarrassing crowds at less than 50% capacity.
  3. Play at times that are family friendly AND
  4. Start the games on time! Friday nights at 8pm might be great for working class men and women and teenagers, but young kids miss out on the action of what is usually the number one game of the week. Start the game at 7pm, it's over before 9pm, and everyone is happy. Sunday arvo at 4pm isn't much better - adults have to go to work the next day, kids to school. 3pm start, and over by 5pm. Let's show the game when everyone can enjoy them without being put out.
  5. State of Origin starts at 7pm. Fuck you Channel Nine, we aren't starting these games at 8.23pm anymore.
  6. Three games at each venue. In the good old days our ticket let us watch Third Grade/Under 23's, then Reserve Grade, then First Grade. Let's get back to providing value for money for those that want to see it. Under 20's, then NSW or Qld Cup, then NRL fixture.
  7. No Video Replay, use Captains Challenge. No, we aren't having the KFC Reminder every three minutes anymore, and no we aren't spending millions on the stupid bloody Bunker. Each team has two Captains Challenges, the ref on the field watches the footage himself on the sideline, and that's it.
  8. Draft system like AFL. This has to happen. The AFL is in the news now because it's Trade Period, and then comes the Draft Period. It allows some evenness to come to the playing ranks, and gives the lower sides a chance to improve. Those who are against this idea are ignorant or the benefits or support teams like Eastern Suburbs.
  9. Redesign the salary cap to benefit long-term players, raising junior through ranks etc. Has to happen as well. If you have a player who has been at your Club his whole career, you should be about to have a discount on your cap. If all you do is rotate players every couple of years, you should be penalised.
  10. The Dragons will be told to shove their deal with other grounds and return to having half of their home games played at Wollongong and the other half at Kogarah. The Wests Tigers will also be forced to play half their games at Campbelltown and the other half at Leichhardt Oval. The multi-grounds policy is ridiculous.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh. I feel soooo much better for venting.

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