Saturday, September 12, 2015

Victoria Trip: Day 1 - Albion Park to Echuca

It's been a long day with some trials and tribulations, but hopefully it's the start of a good week.

We left home this morning at 7.30am. First problem was Jess saying she had an earache, so we shoved some stuff in her ear and gave her some Panadol and hoped for the best. We also had to pick up Maddi from her sleepover, from which we assumed she would be exhausted. No such luck.

We stopped at Marulan, where Jessie vomited. Good trip already. Then we had to stop at Yass to give her some more ear medicine. We hadn't even left the food centre before she vomited again. Awesome. This time we threw some Nurofen into her, and thankfully she slept a little, which meant not stopping at Gundagai for The Dog on the Tucker Box, but meant she was about 80% when we stopped for lunch.

We had lunch in Albury at a cafe, burgers, wraps and milkshakes all round.

Then it was back in the car for the trip to Echuca. We followed the Murray River Road while listening to Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds and then the start of Roald Dahl's Matilda. 

Jess waned again as we approached out motel, so she had more medicine and slept while I watched some footy finals and Helen and the other kids went to search for dinner. McDonalds was the winner (though fish and chips was what was sought, overruled by Bucko).
We played some Uno while watching some footy, and as Helen slipped into bed the rest of us watched Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. It was bed for all then, though Josh and I watched Adelaide knock the Western Bulldogs out of the finals. 

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