Sunday, July 26, 2015

Cricket Takes Hold for Josh

Josh asked me to play cricket with him this morning, which was the first time in some time. Most afternoons he likes to go out the front himself, and bowl away at the stumps, commentating on the game as he goes. He has also spent six months running around the house, constantly doing his bowling action, never able to be still.
Anyway, it was great to see how much he has improved in everything since the last time he asked me to play with him. His batting is good. He is trying to watch the ball and wait for the ball before he plays his shot. He is trying to get forward, but will also wait to go back if he needs to. His bowling is quite amazing. His action has smoothed out even more than it had before, and he likes to try and throw in a leggie action on occasions. Most impressive is his catching. He isn't afraid of the ball anymore, and catches about four in every five I throw back to him. At seven and a half years old he is going great.
He asked Helen the other day if he had to play Milo cricket this year, and was disappointed that he couldn't play "real" cricket. I explained to him today that it will be a good way to improve his sills before he plays that "real" cricket, which he will still qualify for Under 10's for two seasons after his year of Milo cricket. It's great to see his enthusiasm and his skills.

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