Wednesday, July 1, 2015

#31DaysOfScotch #Day1

So there is a new wave happening called Dry July, where people give up alcohol, or chocolate, or anything else I guess, for the month of July, and raise money for cancer. Now that is an admirable thing, and I am not against it in the slightest.
Well, except for all the people on social media who not only push it hard, but then claim to do it themselves. And then don't ACTUALLY go through with it, and have a few drinks or eat chocolate or whatever, and still take money off people who have sponsored them, or still CLAIM they completed their task!!
Anyway, good job you lot.
So I am decreeing that July will be the 31 Days of Scotch. Just because I feel like it.
So here is Day One. let's see how I go.

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