Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Australia's Highest Paid Cricketer

I have been asked to address the current story going around in regards to the person who has been named as Australia's highest paid cricketer. So here we go.

Yes, it appears that Shane Watson is currently the highest paid Australian cricketer, which includes his stipend from Cricket Australia and various sponsorship deals. And isn't that a wonderful thing, because not only is he obviously Australia's finest current cricketer, he has been our best all round cricketer for a decade. His statistics prove this, averaging 35.74 with the bat and 33.09 with the ball in Test cricket.
Are. You. Freaking. KIDDING. Me?!?!?

Will the weather in Brisbane save the selectors from their biggest mistake this weekend? Because if they have to name a team, and they decide to pick Watson in front of... well... ANYONE... then they surely forfeit their right to be on the selection panel. Look at our "all rounders". Glenn Maxwell has overtaken him. Mitch Marsh has overtaken him. James Faulkner has overtaken him. For goodness sakes, Nathan Lyon bats better and bowls faster than him. There is no justification for picking him in the side if they must drop someone to include Michael Clarke.

We all know that he will be picked, and once again it will be a total travesty of justice. Be ready for the roof to be yelled down when it happens.

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