Saturday, September 27, 2014

Nan's 100th Birthday

Today we celebrated Nan's 100th birthday - a day after the actual event, but still a party nonetheless.

We started the day with breakfast at a cafe in East Maitland called Anoushkas. Nice setting, and the breakfast was good too.


Then it was back to our motel room to get ready for the day.


We all headed for the Beresfield Bowling Club, where the Gilholme and Clifford families have such a grand history, and lost family and friends all gathered together to celebrate.

Mum and her mother. Some pretty fair genes there.
The current President of the Beresfield Bowling Club makes his congratulations

Nan cuts her cake. And eats it too.

Nan's 25 Great-Grandchildren
Nan and her nine grandchildren

Jan, Nan, John and Wendy. Nan and her three children

Jack Gilholme, Nan's father and my Great-Grandfather. Life Member of Beresfield Bowling Club

Bob Clifford. Nan's husband and my Grandfather. Also a Life Member.
From here we all went back around the corner to Nan's house, and carried on the celebrations. The kids were able to play across the road at Beresfield Public School, where Nan had gone to school, as had Mum and her siblings, after Mum had called them and told them of the occasion.

Nan had her wall and table full of congratulatory cards and letters and telegrams.

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