Sunday, September 21, 2014

Chooks and New Chooks

About three weeks ago, Emerald the chook (seen below, not Junior the chook, who is above) was gifted some fertilised eggs from the Hoswells, because she had been brooding for about two weeks. These eggs had actually been fertilised by Lucy (renamed Lukey when it was discovered he was a rooster), so it was still a family thing. Anyway, after sitting on them for three weeks...

... they hatched this morning - all five of them. So now we have five baby chooks as well. Oh dear....

Having let Mum know that the chooks she bought the kids as their Xmas present for last year now had baby chooks, she and Dad came over to check them out. Chris and Chris also showed up, so Helen could show them how to look after them when we are away next weekend.

Dad also sat with both Jess and Maddi to hear them play piano. Jess has her Grade 1 exam tomorrow, so she ran through her songs for Gramps while he was there.

Having stayed for morning tea, all four then also stayed for lunch, just to round out proceedings for the morning.

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