Sunday, April 6, 2014

First Day For Josh at AFL Auskick

Josh started his AFL career today for the Albion Park Crows Junior AFL Club, with the first Auskick morning down at Bonaira Street in Kiama - how fitting!
It was also bucketing down with rain. I'm not kidding, it was torrential, but there was no thought from anyone of cancelling, so off we went.
Of course, I was then roped in to going out and helping with the masses of players - we had 11, while Kiama had an almost unbelievable 55 Auskick kids, so instead of the plan of being able to stand back and watch Josh do his stuff, I was forced to go t another part of the field and deal with the under 5 year olds as they tried to work out how to kick a footy. Somewhat disappointing for me, but Josh had a ball, kicked two goals in the game they had at the end and couldn't stop talking all the way home, even though we were both soaked to the skin. A successful first day then.

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