Saturday, November 30, 2013

Home Changearound

We've (mostly "I've", I suspect, but that's okay) spent the majority of last weekend, and most of today, in re-organising, re-distributing and renewing some of the rooms in our home.

The big changes have come in the Metal Cavern. For three years, though it has been a pretense of being my room, it has always doubled as something else, whether it has been Helen's work office for her business, or the computer room for adults and kids, or as a kind of storage room for overflow furniture and other such stuff.
Anyway, through Helen's blessing and pushing, I have now made it truly my room. I have my memorabilia on the walls where I want it, I have the computer desk at the far end, along with my punching bag and weights and bass guitar and amp. I have my music jukebox finally set up after years of talking about it. I have my TV and DVD set up, as well as being able to access my movies direct from external storage. I have the fridge in the corner, and all my TV series and music DVDs ready for access at any time. I think I'm now as set up as I can be, and it's great to have it all neat and tidy as well.

I've updated the kids TV by taking our one from the family room upstairs, as their old one was analogue and the digital box had died. So we changed the TV back to the eastern wall, returned the piano to its original position, added the glass-top desk for them to do their homework and drawing on as well as housing their laptop computer, and removed the big cabinet which also opens up the room. The kids have also obtained the Xbox360 which I think for them was the most exciting part of it all.

To remove the big cabinet which had been gifted to us in the buying of the house three years ago, desperate measures were required in order to get it out of the room, down the stairs and off to its new "home".

I bought a new 50" TV for the family room (the cricket looks great on it!), and moved the couches and single seaters around to help fit everyone in nicely when we are watching together.

And, as it is the final day of November, Helen and the kids HAD to put up the Xmas tree, making it the focal point of the lounge room. All in all, a fairly successful re-modelling.

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