Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Peters Championship - More Crap For Bill

Sunday arvo calls for some more family games, and once again it was Let's Make Daddy Last games as well.

We played a couple of games of Uno, which were duly won by Josh (despite his continued ability to forget to say "UNO!" when he plays his penultimate card) and of course, Helen.

From here we moved on to Skip-Bo, where at one stage Josh was taking us apart. However, after a late surge, it was Madeleine who ended up winning and taking the major points.

Madeleine anticipating her big win in Skip-Bo

Josh shreds away on air guitar to 80's pop on the iPod

Josh showing his confidence in winning Skip-Bo. It did not come to pass.

... and then headbanging to "The Final Countdown"
So today's points  were awarded as such:

5 - Maddi
4 - Josh
3 - Helen
2 - Jess
1 - Bill

Points after five rounds of the Peters Championship are:

18.5 - Josh
18 - Helen
15 - Jess
15 - Maddi
8.5 - Bill

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