Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bali Day Three

Today was our final morning at Kumula Pantai, where breakfast has been one of the highlights.

It's a tough life...

Our room at Kumula Pantai

 We went for a final walk around the local streets before leaving, with Helen commenting "I've done all my shopping. Now it's over to you". Everyone should remember that comment for other times during the coming week. I did buy three singlet tops, marking my first purchases of the holiday that weren't Bintang oriented. I have been looking for sports team shirts of teams I follow, but for the American and English teams I support, they just aren't the big sellers, so no one seems to stock them! There are no NFL shirts, so my dream of a Dallas Cowboys shirt is stillborn. Nor are there any NHL shirts, meaning the Nashville Predators also miss out. In the NBA my team is the Portland Trail Blazers, but no joy there. MLB? No, no Seattle Mariners. What about the EPL? No, you can't find a West Ham shirt for love or money. So, I bought normal singlets, and was done with it. As I have worn my Collingwood cap everywhere, I have everyone trying to sell me magpies merchandise, but I already have official stuff at home, and it is mostly the same with the Eels stuff that they try to give me. Oh well, you can't have everything.

Dad organised transport for us to our new abode, Peninsula Beach Resort at Tanjung Benoa, at the southern end of the island. This is where Mum and Dad have their timeshare place, and it is a great set-up. Pool overlooking the beach, restaurant and bar right next to it, and sports bar at the front. We arrived just before 1.00pm, but our rooms were not going to be ready until 3.00pm, which gave us the perfect excuse to immediately hit up the sports bar to watch the second AFL semi final between Geelong and Fremantle. It was completely open, so there was no air conditioning apart from a few fans, so it was warm. The girls were not enamoured by it - warm, packed with fans watching the footy, all being loud and parochial with plenty of beer being drunk and friendly banter between both sides of the supporters gulf. In fact, the exact same reasons why Dad and I loved it! Better yet, Freo upset Geelong to move into the preliminary final in two weeks time.

The room was terrific, large, airy and with kitchenette and lounge area. From here we donned swimming apparel and checked out the pool and its surrounds, before 5 o'clock happy hour at Mum and Dad's room. We had dinner across the road at one of the many eateries available, where I continued on my quest to have satay as many times as possible while I am away from Jessie's peanut allergy.

Today was election day back home in Australia, which was something I think all four of us were happy to miss. However, it meant that there was no live coverage of the AFL semi between Collingwood and Port Adelaide, which was somewhat annoying. Not as annoying as watching the election coverage instead as the Liberal/National alliance romped home mind you. Can't wait to see how the next three years goes now. To top this off though, the delayed coverage of the previously mentioned match brought about defeat for the magpies and their elimination from the finals, thus ending the day on a very sour note in all circumstances.

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