Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wings Over Illawarra Air Show

Albion Park turned on a pearler of a day for the annual air show at Albion Park airport. Cloudless, warm (amazingly so for May) and no wind to speak of. Just terrific.
As per usual now that we have moved into Roper Road, we have a pretty fair view of all of the goings-on from the comfort of our deck, so we once again hosted the day to a crowd of thousands. Well, maybe now thousands, but certainly 8 couples (let's see now... us of course, Bancroft's, Moon's, Jukes's, Young's, Fulton's, Gregory's and Yates's) and their crazy kids to join our own.

Courtesy Illawarra Stormchasers on Facebook
As it turned out, which isn't unusual when you get a large gathering together, the air show took a back seat to the conglomerate of conversation that ensued, not that anyone was too worried. Certainly the Roulettes created their usual stir, and some of the fancy big warplanes also got people's attention, but in the long run it was a good day for a drink, a BBQ and a talk, which is precisiely what happened.

Courtesy Illawarra Stormchasers on Facebook
As per usual with a BBQ for the masses, my gas bottle ran out exactly between cookng for all the kids and beginning to cook for all the adults, but fortunately just about every corner store these days keeps the swap and go gas bottles, and only four minutes were lost in having to unhook, drive down to Terry Street, reload and re-hook to keep it going. I don't think anyone except for Anthony (who drove me down) even noticed anything had gone wrong.

Hopefully everyone had a good day, and maybe (and I do say MAYBE) we'll do it again next year.

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