Friday, March 29, 2013

Maddi's Birthday Makes Friday Good

March 29 marks the actual date of Maddi's 7th birthday, though as per usual you could be forgiven for thinking it has already stretched over a week. This year it has also coincided with Good Friday, which meant we were able to have a lunchtime do instead of an evening one.

Helen decided that both sets of grandparents should be invited over to celebrate, and we had a baked lunch, including a leg of pork and a leg of lamb, along with roast potatoes and sweet potato, with other assorted vegies and gravy.

It was a ripper autumn day, warm in the sun as we sat on The Deck, with little breeze to speak of. Terrific. We even managed to finally get around to drinking the bottle of red Joel and Amy had given us at their wedding five and a half years ago. Yeah, it was okay, and the oldies managed to drink it down in record time.

12 year old Cab Sav. Yeah, not a bad drop...

Maddi and her 17th birthday cake in a week

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