Saturday, February 16, 2013

While Mum is Away...

The day was ours with Mum up in Brisbane, but it was always going to be a relaxing one, a day where we could have fun without having to do to much. A sleep-in until 8.30am was just terrific, and a real surprise to me that it was able to be achieved.

After breakfast and morning duties (beds, hair, teeth, clothes on the line), we all went off to Shellahrbour Square - or Stocklands Shellharbour as it is now known - so that Maddi could spend her $20 Sanity voucher that she had won in the Summer Reading Series thorugh the local library. She lucked out, and found two Strawberry Shortcake movies and a Spongebob Squarepants special DVD for just $20. She was so proud as she handed the movies and her card to the sales assistant, who was also suitably impressed and taken with Maddi's demeanour.

Jessie showed she is bit like her Dad, checking out every CD in the shop and yet still unable to determine if she wanted to part from her money. In the end we decided it would be better for her to search iTunes at home and choose the music she wanted that way. As I had forgotten to bring Jessie's epipen with us I didn't want to risk having morning tea out, so went went home via Ashburton Drive shops and bought some afternoon tea and other goodies. Then we headed home where I treated the kids to one of Dad's Super Milkshakes for morning tea.

After a lunch of 2 minute noodles, we all played Uno, which Joshua summarily won fromout of nowhere, at which point he decided  not to risk his crownand went off to his bedroom. The girls and I played another game, which Maddi won, before deciding on a closely fough game of Trouble, which, for a change, I won!

The kids spent the arvo between the TV and their dolls, while Josh had a mid-afternoon snooze.
I switched between some cricket and the races.
The highlight was the return of Black Caviar to the track, and I made sure all the kids were down to watch her race, with varying results.

Thanks to a couple of tips from Josh Elliott, my day of punting went pretty well. I even had the Sydney Quaddie in the bag, until in the last when my selection was beaten by a nostril. 25% of $2500 down the drain by a couple of millimetres. It's a tough game sometimes...

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