Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Relaxing Sunday

It's been a long time since Helen and I have spent almost an entire day without children around. Funnily enough, we both still woke up by 7.00am out of routine.

And so it was a very quiet relaxing day, one that has been a long time coming. Helen chose to stay in bed and read (after I had delivered her toast and coffee for breakfast) while I went out for a quick walk. On my return, it was time to clean up a couple of things on the computer and watch some Stanley Cup play-offs. Once Helen was up at around 10.00am we had coffee on the deck - oh my, the peace, the serenity - and then she had to finish off some work, so I did some more blog updating from our holiday (see earlier posts).

I made lunch just after midday, and sat down with my lovely wife as she watched... well... her shows. Who Do You Think You Are? with Melissa George as the subject, Grand Designs Australia and Australian Story. All very good shows, but not my choice of viewing. However, it was good to watch them with no distractions and in an adult setting.

I then had the displeasure to see the Eels faulter under pressure to lose to Cronulla 24-18 in the afternoon league game. This leaves Parramatta anchored to the bottom of the table with only one victory this season. One wonders if they can win many more given their current form.

Chris and Chris dropped the kids back at 4.00pm, having spent the day in Bowral and Mittagong. They had a great day, and it was great to see that they had had such a great time with their grandparents.
I cooked tortellini for the kids and lamb rogan josh for myself and Helen for dinner. Came up pretty good. It is such a shame that lamb costs so much now, because it is superb to use in curries. Oh well, the occasional time doesn't break the bank too much.

Spent the evening watching more of The West Wing. Helen has work tomorrow at the Golf Club, and I am on my last day of a very short holiday looking after the kids.

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