Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Promised Xbox Morning and Zac's Birthday

The kids had pretty much all made me promise to play on the Xbox this morning - well, any morning or afternoon up until now. So I said they could.
Mind you, I was hoping for a sleep-in before anything. That all came crashing down when Josh started singing in his bed at 6.15am, and there appeared little hope that Helen was going to wake up and take him downstairs. Given that Maddi was also awake when I got up, there was little I could do.

So we spent a couple of hours playing golf and baseball once Jess woke up after 8.30am. It's good that the kids enjoy it so much, and also that we don't spend hours every day on it. It still makes it special.

Also, it looks like we can now purchase a basketball add-on for Kinect Sports. I'll have to look into it sometime soon when I have some money left, after Helen spent 11 hours away yesterday. Yes, that's right. She got home about 7.30pm last night. Wow.

At 12.30pm we headed off to Louise and Murray's for Zac's 14th birthday. It's a little disconcerting that he's now 14 years old. It almost always makes Helen and I think of our first pregnancy. If it had gone through, we too would have a child 14 years old, as it's due date was April 14. Probably very good for us that we don't/didn't.  :)

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