Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blue Mountains Family Holiday: Day 2

Tuesday dawned sunny but chilly. Our motel accommodation came with free full breakfast for all of us, so we took full advantage of it. Jess was happy to be having bacon and hash browns and sausages. Maddi loved scrambled eggs on toast with bacon. Josh was happy with cereal. It was all good.

Rugging up before the walk.

Walking from Katoomba to Echo Point

The morning was spent on a walking expedition, walking from our motel up to Echo Point. Given that there had been a billion people and cars there yesterday, it was much more pleasant this morning, although it was bitterly cold to begin with. The views of course are spectacular, topped off by the Three Sisters.

Looking west from Lillianfels.
Two sisters and one brother at the Three Sisters

There is also a new(ish) monument to the building of the first Great Western Highway from Sydney to Bathurst by convict labour, that took almost 30 years to complete. It was good history for the kids to see and hear.

The kids were then insistent that they wanted to walk down to the Three Sisters, which we did. But then they wanted to go down the Great Stairway and sit on the first of the Sisters. This required those of us who are not good with heights to venture down with them. The deed was done, and the kids were happy. For the record, I will state here that I will NEVER be doing that again!!!

After a good couple of hours walking, the kids had been really good, so we managed to stop at Blue Mountains Chocolate to indulge them. Chocolate milkshakes for Jess and Josh, a hot chocolate for Maddi, and a REAL hot chocolate for Helen (where the real chocolate is melted into the milk by a tea light under the mug) were a hit, while the mug of coffee settled Dad's nerves after his dice with death.

We walked back to the motel, got in the car, and decided to do a drive down to Leura Cascades while the crowds were not as deep as yesterday. Taking a Bono Shortcut brought us to the Cascades and a playground where the kids were able to reacquaint themselves with some fun as well.

Back into Leura we dared to go, and as it turned out, it was just as busy as yesterday. Still, it was more window shopping that needed to be done, and so that's what we did.

Maddi posing outside of her own cafe!

With most lunch options again out the window, we returned back to our motel, and picked up some sandwich stuff at Aldi to have instead. A much cheaper option, I must say.
The kids then felt like a rest after their big day walking and following their Mum through shops, so we watched The Gruffalo and Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium on DVD instead.

For dinner we walked fifty metres down the road to the Canton House Chinese Restaurant, where Helen and I had eaten some 15 years ago. The kids almost drove us to complete distraction however, as they all had their temper fits.
First, Maddi had ordered a juice with her dinner, not realising she could have a Coke, and she had a meltdown until we rectified the situation.

Then Josh thought we had ordered fried rice instead of boiled rice for his dinner, and he lost it, and created a  second scene before he could understand we had not done this at all.

Then, at the end of the meal as we were about to walk back to the motel, Jess discovered she had lost one of her gloves. She had to go back in with Helen to find it, which they finally did. However, then Jessie thought she had been hard done by, and carried on a treat in the restaurant and on the walk back.

As a result, it was decided that we would not be going out for dinner for the rest of the trip. A shame, as Helen was obviously enjoying herself for the most part.

On our return, the kids were left to watch The Never Ending Story while their parents watched The Amazing Race and read in the bedroom. A much better option.

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